About Auticulate


Auticulate supports young people aged 9-16 who have a diagnosis of ASD but attend mainstream schools. At Auticulate we celebrate the strengths of ASD while preparing our members for the challenges a diagnosis can bring.


Our approach combines a teaching programme of social, communication and life-skills, a peer mentoring programme and regular practice in a variety of everyday social situations and experiences including cafes, restaurants, shopping and public spaces, leisure facilities and using public transport.


We work as holistically as possible involving Auticulate, Member, Family, School, Professionals, to ensure our members grow into independent, socially confident, employable young adults capable of successfully contributing to society and leading a full life.


Members View:


'This club is the only club that understands me, there are other clubs who think they understand autistic kids but they don't. I love coming to this club!'




For all enquiries about Auticulate please contact our Project Co-ordinator;

Wendy Williams

Email: wendy@auticulate.org.uk

Tel: 07791 243953